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There should be NO SUCH THING as a homeless Veteran in AMERICA - We help EVERYBODY ELSE - People who are NOT citizens and aliens - including terrorists. This has to STOP, and it's only our OUTRAGE that will change it.

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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Homeless Veterans - A Disgrace to America

Homeless Veterans - What a Disgrace to America!

Homeless Veterans are a Disgrace to AmericaThe Salvation Army Borden Avenue Veteran's Residence (BAVR) - Now Defunct21-10 Borden Avenue,Long Island City, NY, 11101Phone: 718-784-5690

Arguably "one of the best shelters in the city", the Salvation Army Veteran's Residence is a far cry from the comforts of home. The photos do not do justice to the place - there is no privacy, virtually no space to store belongings (each man gets a 4-foot high x 4-foot wide locker and a bunk bed), and no room to be the independent individual it takes to make a human being unique. The social workers and "housing specialists" do virtually nothing to help these men, except to call them into "Independent Living Plan" meetings and draft for them "independent living plans" or schedules, which I would defy ANYONE to follow. They have also been known to refer vets to people who have "rooms for rent", but are not actually the landlords, or are not legally entitled to rent the rooms. If they DARE to challenge me on this latter statement, I will post IRREFUTABLE EVIDENCE to prove my statement.... but for now, my WORD should suffice; if they call me a LIAR, I'll make them look like FOOLS.

There is no place at BAVR to charge a cell phone or a computer - except for the "library", which has a only dozen outlets available - but only when the library is open - for over 400 men. Many of the men have drug and alcohol problems, and the bathrooms at night reek of crack smoke. The 104th Precinct makes almost daily arrests for drug possession here.... again, you don't have to take MY word for it - it's a matter of public record. In addition, the staff at BAVR has a tendency to lock the rear fire exit at night - substantiated by several complaints filed with the Fire Department and DHS Dept. of Buildings complaint #4202585 8-29-04 and again on 10-15-04 about Locked rear fire exit door (bad lighting). Also chained gate in rear yard. The staff had been repeatedly warned about the danger of blocking the fire exit at the rear of the building (see photo below), and it is only a matter of time before a tragedy happens at BAVR.

The Salvation Army receives $450.00* PER DAY for each resident, from the New York Department of Homeless Services (DHS). These brave men - many of which are disabled mentally, physically, or spiritually because of their honorable service to their country, are not being mistreated, but ARE being little more than warehoused - and the building itself IS a converted warehouse. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, the Vets here at BAVR have a common bond - a love for their country. This inspires a camaraderie that is difficult to articulate. There are TWO points I wish to make here: 1) There should be NO SUCH THING in the United States of America, as a homeless Veteran, and 2) There is a much better way to help veterans than to subsidize the Salvation Army with TAX MONEY to the tune of $450.00 a day to merely warehouse these men.* NOTE- The figure of $450 / per day was given to me "in confidence" by the director of Coalition for the Homeless, Fulton Street, NYC in a confidential meeting. I must violate that "confidence" (I never agreed to be silent about it) in order to bring this issue to the public's attention.Photos : please go to my web site : http://www.net4truthusa.com/homelessvets.htm to view photos of how some disabled and troubled US service veterans have to live in this country.

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The deplorable conditions in the NY City shelters - BAVR being an exception - with robberies, rapes, and other types of violence - not to mention the deplorable unsanitary conditions in these places, is the reason that many of the homeless prefer to sleep on the street, on park benches, or in the subway - where there is a relative degree of safety because there are always people passing by. Alcoholism and drug addiction are epidemic among homeless veterans; it is a means of emotional escape from their seemingly hopeless condition. People walk by these unfortunate human beings sprawled out on the sidewalk, or covered in plastic garbage bags on the subway as if it were nothing out of the ordinary. Our society has a twisted sense of values. While our fellow man suffers, and is in need of a meal and a place to sleep, some of us engage in conspicuous consumption - purchasing toilet bowls fit for a King - literally! I don't know how YOU feel, but I believe that the country owes these men a better break than what they're getting. I say THERE SHOULD BE NO SUCH THING IN AMERICA AS A HOMELESS VETERAN.

If you are a US Service Veteran that needs compensation for a service-related injury or illness, you should know you nowhave the law on your side. You can SUE theVeteran's Administration using your own attorney, and get the compensation you deserve. For more information, go to www.VFCLL.com - Veterans For Constituional Law. Read the article on the lawsuit, and THEN call Mr. Arthur Bernklau.

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